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Why you should give to Sadaqa and Charity?

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Why you should give to Sadaqa and Charity?
by Sheikh Yaser Birjas - Courtsey of Orland Park Prayer Center
Feb 20, 2012: Source -
1. Helping others give you a sense of pride knowing that you have been blessed by Allah and that you have the means to let go of some of your wealth and still have plenty left for your needs. You become proud of yourself and your great achievement. 

2. It feels good to know that someone is in worse shape than you are. You don’t know how fortunate you really are until you see those who are less fortunate. So why not sharing this fortune and bounty of Allah with others? 

3. If you can part with money, you know that money isn’t the most important thing in your life. You are stronger than what you think. And when you do that, according to hadith of the Messenger of Allah you will force the jaws of seventy shaytan off your charity, while they try to prevent you from spending for the sake of Allah. 

4. Your charity is an investment with Allah. If you give now, it will still be there for you in the future and if you or your loved ones should need anything the people who know how charitable you were will not hesitate to be there for you or for them. This is how Allah, sometimes, pays you back. 

5. If you have faith in a cause, support what you believe in. The Masjid is the house of Allah and its function is based on charity. The charity cannot survive long if people like you and me fail to support it monetarily. It is our responsibility to make sure this house of worship continues to run even after our term in this world is up. 

6. Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala promised to give you back your wealth in many ways multiple times. And if you look for your money to increase, then lend it to Allah in sadaqa and in charity. And here is a proof, the young girl who gave her 200 dollars, all what she had, during the fundraiser dinner we had back in march, because she wanted to become like Abu Bakr, she got her money back instantly, she won the raffle and won the plasma TV. What a bargain! 

7. When you know that your sadaqa and charity is helping others and many are benefiting from in your Masjid and community, you will definitely feel better and your sense of generosity is being validated. 

8. When you support your community you become a member of a greater entity. And being a part of something larger than yourself can give you a kind of comfort or sense of belonging. Enjoy the good company. 

9. When you start thinking of the needs of others and your community’s need for you and your help, gets your mind off your own troubles, at least for awhile. This will make you feel easier when you return back to solve your own issues. 

10. Charity begins at home, is a very common phrase, and I strongly believe that every community is responsible for its own programs and its own house of worship. No stranger will be as passionate to support our cause as much as we do. Therefore, as hosts we are responsible more than anybody to keep our house well maintained. 

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