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Get a great start learning Arabic online


An open door to the Arab world

Arabic Alphabet
Arabic lessons with pronuncation

Arabic Alphabet Tutorial
Twenty-two lessons with audio

Arabic Complete
Free and premium grammar lessons, podcasts, and interactive dialogues 

Arabic History
A detailed, extensive analysis in English

Useful resources to help you to understand the Arabic Language better

Arabic Letters
Free lessons from Arabic Studio


Arab World
Your guide to everything Arab


A beginner's guide to learning Arabic

The online Arabic & Egyptian school 

Babel Arabic 
18 Free lessons in basic Arabic

Babylon Arabic Dictionary
A handy tool for basic vocabulary

Books on Arabic
Extensive Arabic resources from Georgetown Univ. Press


Café Syria
Useful Arabic Alphabet Applet

Center for Contemporary Arab Studies 
Teaching Materials from the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service

Classical Arabic Online
Standard classical Arabic course samples

Egyptian Arabic Proverbs
Software and language learning resources

Four great Arabic courses
Free from the Foreign Service 

Interactive Arabic Alphabet
from Stanford University

Learn Arabic Online
Ten free lessons

Arab American Guide
News and resources

Learning Arabic as a Foreign Language With a Studied Plan 

Learn Arabic for English Speakers
Phrases, videos, audio files

Learning the language of the Qur'an
Including practical Arabic, grammar and morphology

Learn to speak Arabic
Basic words, numbers, places

My Language Exchange
Learn to speak Arabic via email, text chat, and voice 

Translation Arabic <> English
Babylon online translation engine

Learn to read Arabic



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