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2015-04-19 - SWIFT - End of Life Traditions & Afterlife Beliefs in our Faiths

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Coming up this Sunday is an interfaith program at a church in Palos Park. The details about the program are in the attached flyer.
The program is organized by SWIFT. AIA is a member of this organization, as is the Orland Mosque, about 10 local churches and 2 synagogues. We do several types of programs throughout the year; the upcoming one is the lecture-type where we have a topic which 3 presenters (Muslim, Christian and Jewish) give their perspectives on followed by Q&A session.
The upcoming SWIFT program will be the Speakers Forum and it will be on Sunday April 19 inshaAllah at 2:30pm (so right after Sunday School) at Peace Memorial Church in Palos Park (down the street from Sandburg High School). 
We really REALLY hope you can attend. How important is to attend? Just turn on the radio and TV to hear how Muslims are being described and what in context they are always being referred. Below is a copy and paste from the AIA Navigator monthly newsletter. Please spread the word and please bring along friends, family members, co-workers and neighbors!
May Allah reward everyone for their efforts!
AIA Members and Friends
Invited to this local Interfaith Event!
SUNDAY APRIL 19, 2015 -- 2:30pm to 5:00pm
Not interested in the topic?
Already have knowledge about the topic?
Don’t have time for these kinds of programs right now?
Your mere presence at such events provides opportunities for your neighbors to meet and
talk to Muslims… some for the first time.
Just seeing Muslims at such events opens up communication and breaks down barriers.
Are you tired of the media telling your neighbors what Islam is and who Muslims are? 
Do you want to sit back and allow that to happen or do you want to avail EVERY
opportunity given to you to help change that negative and untrue narrative?
Help change this stereotypical and prejudiced narrative by being ambassadors
of Islam… by your actions, not just by words and speeches.
There is plenty for every community member to do, individually and together!



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