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2015-03-01 - The Muhammadan Bean: The Secret History of Islam and Coffee

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The Muhammadan Bean: The Secret History of Islam and Coffee

Sunday March 1st 2015
Madison Jr High
Naperville, Illinois 60565
(630) 420-6400
Presentation by: Abdul-Rehman Malik
It is the second most traded commodity or planet and second only to water as the most consumed beverage. Coffee is the liquid fuel that makes the world go round. Yet, few coffee drinkers realize that they really owe a debt of gratitude to Islamic civilization for truly discovering, cultivating and popularizing coffee. From its very origins, Muslim saints, traders, entrepreneurs and sultans have been at the very heart of coffee's incredible history. In this entertaining and interactive presentation, journalist, activist and coffee obsessive Abdul-Rehman Malik will lead us on a journey from the zawiyas of Yemen to the alleyways of Mecca, from the grand cafes of Istanbul to cobblestones of mercantile London. This is a story of intrigue, spies, spirituality and empire. It’s the story of how one beverage changed the world. You’ll never drink coffee the same way again. 
About Abdul-Rehman Malik: 
Abdul-Rehman Malik is a London-based journalist, educator and organizer. He is currently programmes manager for the Radical Middle Way. Radical Middle Way works alongside grassroots partners – in the UK and around the world – to provide powerful, faith-inspired guidance that gives tools to enable change, promote social justice for all and combat exclusion and violence. Abdul-Rehman has managed RMW’s international work in Sudan, Indonesia and Pakistan which reached millions of people through media campaigns and over 100,000 people through face-to-face engagements. More recently, he led RMW's pioneering capacity building project with the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations – “Storytelling Somalia” – which brought together over 35 Somali diaspora journalists from around the world.
In January 2015, Abdul-Rehman was also appointed Director of the Insight Film Festival (] ), which celebrates, exhibits and encourages filmmakers throughout the world to make films which explore faith. It’s one of a handful of festivals of its kind in the world.
An experienced journalist and commentator, he is regular contributor to BBC Radio 2’s Pause for Thought, the BBC World Service’s “Weekend” program and BBC Radio 2’s Good Morning Sunday. His radio essay “Faith and 9/11” for BBC Radio 2 broadcast on the 10th anniversary of the attacks in New York and Washington was awarded second prize at the Sandford St Martin Awards for excellence in broadcasting about religion in. More recently, his BBC Radio 4 documentary “Islam Without God”, which explored the increasingly public declarations of disbelief by a younger generation of born Muslims, was broadcast in February 2013 and won the Silver Medal in Religious Programs category at the 2013 New York Festivals Global Radio Awards. 
With a background in teaching history and theatre, Abdul-Rehman came to London in 2003 completing his MSc at the London School of Economics in Social Policy where his research looked at the role of Muslim Voluntary Sector organizations in the British social policy process. 
Abdul-Rehman is a regular speaker and volunteer at the annual Greenbelt Festival and has since 2012 hosted and helped curate programming at The Times/Sunday Times Cheltenham Literature Festival. He is an alumni of the Cambridge Coexist Leadership Program, an national interfaith leadership network. Abdul-Rehman has been invited to speak at the Skoll World Forum, Council on Foreign Relations, The Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Singapore, SEARCCT Malaysia, Limmud, The Woolf Institute, The Global Movement of Moderates and The Hay Festival

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