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Funeral Process for Chicago Area Muslims. 



quran 2 156 Quran 2:156 




quran 3 185

Quran 3:185



Step One:

Call one of the listed Funeral Home first and have them pick up the body from the hospital, home, or Nursing Home. Provide the Funeral Home with full name of the deceased, and any question they may have. Funeral Home will pick up the body; keep it there until the cemetery is contacted, and until the grave is ready. Funeral Home will provide space to wash the body in Islamic way, which is done by you or a muslim assigned person. Funeral Home staff is not allowed to touch the Muslim body but remind them again. The Funeral Home staff will then take the body to the cemetery.

Step Two:

Call the Islamic Center of your choice and purchase the grave plot in the cemetery of your choice. IIE of Elgin, Islamic Foundation of Villa Park, or MCC of Chicago may be contacted to purchase the plot.

    • For Western Suburbs: Call brother Eshaque Khasim 630-627-2648 who will arrange for the burial at the Arlington Cemetery, at Elm Street, Elmhurst.
    • For Chicago: Call brother Rashid Khan, at 773-386-8181 who will arrange for the burial in the Chicago metropolitan area.
    • For all Chicago Metro area, Contact Br. Haroon at 815-549-9400.

Step Three:

Call the cemetery after arranging to have the body picked up by the Funeral Home. Normally burial is completed the same day as much as possible. However, in an event that this is not possible, then Burial may take place the next day. Generally after Zohor Salaat. Have the Cemetery dig the grave. Family members, and friends of the deceased will place the coffin along side of the grave, and the cemetery staff will open and close the grave themselves.


Muslim Funeral Services
16336 66th Avenue,
Tinley Park, IL 60477
Contact Br. Haroon
Very Reasonably priced. Full service provided from Funeral Home, to Salat-Janazah to arranging the cemetery formalities.



Caride Funeral Home
3314 W. Armitage, Chicago, IL 606
Cost: about $900.00



Arlington Cemetery

401 E Lake St, Elmhurst, IL 60126


(630) 833-9696
*$1,549.00, cost included grave plot, grave opening and closing. *Please check for current price.


Bluff City Cemetery

945 Bluff City Blvd, Elgin, IL 60120

*$785, M-F 8:00 am - 12:30 pm
*$945, M-F 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
*$1,030, Sat, 9:00 am - 12:30 pm
*$1,595, Sun. 9:00 am – 12:30 pm

* Please check for current price.


Following is Funeral Services Link in New York State Area. 

PAAK Funeral Home. 
58-34 Catalpa Avenue, Ridgewood, Queens, NY, 11385

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