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Ahmed Adam

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Ahmed Adam is an entrepreneur whose Halal Chicken has hit the mainstream market, including 77 Walmart locations in 11 states. Upon seeing the need for Halal Poultry, and also the Quranic description of preferred food as “Tayyib” or wholesome, Adam first teamed up with a Mennonite farmer in Indiana. The farmer believed in the concept of safe as that coming from safe feed for the poultry. Thus, Crescent Foods was founded in 1995.


Soon, upon skyrocketing demand that the Mennonite farmer could not meet, Adam built his own processing plant. The next step was on-line marketing with the help of Midamar.


Adam is also the President of the American Halal Association. He is an immigrant from Palestine, who earned his electrical engineering degree in the U.K. And at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in Chicago. He makes his home in Chicago area.




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